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Property buyers are no longer after just the bricks and mortar when it comes to purchasing a home or investment. Buyers hone in on so many other elements surrounding the property itself, including the lifestyle, location, culture, concept, and reputation of the area.

This means that we need a property marketing campaign to shout out all the USPs for the development with all the marketing collaterals (Brochure, Flyers, Banner, Bunting, Name Card, Billboard, EDM, Website, etc.)

Buyers make their judgments based on what they can get their hands and eyes on; from the experience of what is being offered. If the brochure and other advertising collateral look cheap, the development is questioned.

If the development does not have a website, it will not get the right traction. How judgmental we all are, these days. So, with Envicion Studio, we are able to provide a one-stop solution for your property marketing campaign.



• Develop a strong identifiable brand for the property development

• Carry that brand throughout all marketing materials

• Create a unique brochure with concise but sufficiently detailed information

• Create photo-realistic 3D rendering and walkthrough

• Tastefully and succinctly illustrate floor plans, site plans, and location maps

• Highlight the unique selling point of the property within all marketing collateral

• Create site signage and hoarding to capture traffic on all sides of the property lands

• Create a mini development website, Facebook page, and other online platforms to capture online traffic

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