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What Differentiates Small Business Digital Marketing Agencies From Other Online Marketing Experts?

These are some of the services digital marketing agencies provide:

Top Digital Marketing Agencies For Small Businesses do everything that regular ones do, however, they specialize in the growth of new and/or smaller enterprises.

Serving small businesses and big enterprises require different strategies to reach their objectives. Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are more cost-sensitive, have fewer in-house marketing resources, and require smarter investment plans and closer collaboration with their digital marketing partner.

As a result, the services digital marketing agencies that work with SMEs offer are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Highly tailored to maximize return on investment
  • Growth-oriented and optimized for the client’s particular stage of development
  • Dedicated, often acting as an extension of the client’s in-house team
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If there’s one defining trait of digital agencies working with small businesses to be singled out, it would be the combination of affordable pricing and effective services.

And owing to a much wider reach of online platforms, small business owners are guaranteed much better visibility than what they had to rely on in “the old days”, such as newspaper or radio ads.

The cost-per-lead method used by digital agencies is much more effective and cheaper than traditional marketing – something small businesses on a tight budget will always value.

The correlation between local Google searches intent and buying of products
Almost half of all Google searches for services and products have local intent

7 Benefits Of Partnering With A Small Business Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agencies for small businesses offer certain unique advantages for their clients. Some of the most immediate ones are:

1. They Can Increase Your Brand Awareness

96% of small businesses say they use social media in their marketing strategy. (Fundera)

With the growing user base, competition and algorithm changes, the social media environment is becoming noisier and difficult to take advantage of. But the sheer size of the audiences it attracts and the engagement levels make social media worth investing in.

Specialized digital marketing agencies help small businesses cut through the noise and capitalize on the immense opportunities social media platforms offer.

stat - 96% small businesses use social media

2. They Will Boost Your Revenue (And Cut Down Costs)

Email marketing’s average ROI is 122%, while 47% of small business owners run marketing entirely on their own. (BlueCorona)

Besides social media, email marketing can be a highly effective tool accessible to small businesses. Yet, many choose to keep their email marketing efforts in-house.

Investing in professionally run email marketing campaigns can help small businesses increase open, click and even conversion rates.

stat - email marketing roi is 122%

3. They Will Lower Your Digital Marketing Cost

Eventual in-house digital marketing operations are much more costly over time than hiring a professional agency. Unlike in-house teams, agencies come with no overhead and more flexible contracts, giving you more control over your investment.

4. They Will Help You Understand Your Buyer Persona

Buyer persona is a projected collection of common traits that permeates the general demographics (ie. target audience of your business).

These personas are given a profiling structure, such as age, gender, location, interests, income etc. – taking the collective data of the entire segment of the audience into account.

Small business digital marketing agencies analyze your audience, profiling each and every segment of it to draw deeper insights and devise effective strategies. Knowing your audience in detail makes it easier to create effective marketing campaigns, targeted at all the right people.

5. Your Growth Is Their Top Priority

75% of small business owners think that internet marketing is very effective in attracting new customers. (Business2Community)

With their highly efficient teams, smaller client bases and accounts, small business digital marketing agencies help you optimize your internet marketing efforts, from website and on-page SEO, to content marketing strategies.

stat - 75% small business owners believe internet marketing is highly effective

6. Get More Foot Traffic

46% of all Google searches have local intent. (BlueCorona)

Local, or “near me” searches are rising exponentially. Your prospective customers turn to Google maps to discover local businesses like yours.

Combining local SEO best practices and localized social media positioning, your digital marketing partner can increase your foot traffic, number of enquires and well product or service demo requests.

stat - 46% of all google searches have local intent

7. You Remain Relevant In Your Industry

1 in 5 small businesses doesn’t use digital marketing, while 1 in 10 small businesses doesn’t invest in any kind of marketing. (BlueCorona)

Successful digital marketing takes research and skill.

Three key points that you must know all there is to know about are:

  • Your industry
  • Your competitors
  • Your customers
  • Marketing trends and best practices

This final point is what small digital marketing agencies already know about. They will also dive into researching and identifying the previous three and giving you well-presented feedback on them.

Digital marketing agencies for small businesses that already have a track record in your niche know how how to target and analyze your target audience.

Taking their preferences, habits and behavior into account, well-adjusted marketing strategies can be conceived.

stat - 1 in 5 small businesses doesn't use digital marketing

How Much Does A Digital Marketing Agency For Small Business Cost?

These agencies’ expertise comes with a price that can be defined in several ways:

  • As an hourly-based payment model
  • Monthly-based payment model or
  • Project-based fee

Frequently, these agencies will have a pricing structure on several tiers – each suitable for different wants and needs. The one-size-fits-all package never works in digital marketing.

The average cost for digital marketing services in 2019 ranged from $2,500 to $12,000 per month for small-to-midsized businesses

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How To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Agency For Small Business (4-Steps Method)?

The small business digital marketing agency you choose should be able to:

  • Implement new strategies to drive traffic to your website
  • Improve your in-house marketing by setting good examples and providing insight

The relationship between your small business and a digital agency is a two-way street: you can provide knowledge about your business (what they need) and they can deliver digital marketing know-how (what you need).

What follows are the steps you need to do on your end to make sure you have chosen the right small business digital marketing agency for you.

Do Extensive Research

The two lists we have provided on this page – the top three agencies and the more extensive one with all the top-performers – are a good starting point for your research.

This research would entail:

  • Checking their website and portfolio (don’t simply rely on the agency page on our site!)
  • Talk to their representative on the phone and arrange a meeting
  • Take notes about every agency and compare them
  • Look for their client testimonials and reviews

The bottom line is:

Never go for the first small business digital marketing agency that you see! Also, don’t cheat your way out of all the options by just simply going for one of the top three.

Set A Budget To Narrow Down Your Options

Being aware of your budget’s limitations is important – however, the good news in the case of small business digital marketing agencies is that they are quite affordable.

Their services are tailored with a price-conscious client in mind, but you’d still need to communicate the total cost of the agency services clearly.

When setting a budget, consider these points:

  • What services you need: what marketing channels will you be using, will there be some (re)branding needed etc.
  • What is the projected ROI: how fast would return on investment be realized. Investing a bigger amount of money into a project that will take years to pay off might make your company financially unstable.

Knowing this will narrow your search to agencies that are the best ft, taking the pricing range into consideration as well.

Define The Services You Need

Pay special attention to the agencies’ levels of expertise. Not all digital agencies excel in the same areas.

Your small business may need assistance in certain specific areas: that can be PPC, SEO, social media posting or website design. Make sure that the agency you go for is proficient in exactly what YOU require to take off your business.

Highly valued specialist team members should be available to communicate with you at all times. They can (should be able to) relay everything that your business can improve at the present moment and how they would go on improving it.

Find An Agency That Is Easy To Work With

Not all digital marketing agencies for small businesses allow the same level of close cooperation.

The one you opt for should have a highly defined company culture, be transparent, personable and have project management well instated in their daily workflow routine.

The detail of communication here is everything: how you relay your concerns and objectives, how much feedback they ask from you and how open they are to brainstorming together – that will make all the difference.

10 Questions To Ask When Interviewing Digital Marketing Agencies For Small Business

When meeting with representatives of a small business digital marketing agency, asking the right questions will help you weed out the top of the line professionals from those that are not.

Here are 10 questions essential to ask when hiring a digital marketing agency:

  1. What services does your agency specialize in?
  2. Do you have any previous experience working with companies in our industry and niche that you can reference?
  3. How do you manage collaboration and communication with clients and will we have regular meetings and brainstorming sessions?
  4. How do you plan to research our market and target audience and how will that affect the general strategy?
  5. How well are you up-to-speed with the latest trends in digital marketing and how do you ensure that you are?
  6. How much do your services cost and how do you form price structure?
  7. What would the timetable for handling our marketing tasks look like?
  8. How do you research what keywords we should rank for?
  9. Who are our points of contact in your team and who will be working on our project?
  10. Do you provide post-launch analytics services and are you open to measuring the results of a campaign and adjusting it where needed?

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